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Breaking the Silence about Infertility

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia’s Dr. Jackie Gutmann joined a multidisciplinary panel of leaders in the fields of psychology, health care and faith at a recent event in Philadelphia for an important cause: to give hope to people of color struggling with infertility. Ending the Stigma The nationwide tour, called Breaking the Silence was sponsored […]

Follow Jennifer’s Egg Freezing Journey with RMA of Philadelphia

Jennifer Sherlock has always wanted kids. She’s also always had big dreams. Having spent most of her 20s and 30s building a career in journalism and public relations, and investing in a relationship that didn’t work out, 40-year-old Jennifer found herself at an important crossroads: preserve her fertility now or keep waiting for Mr. Right. Several weeks […]

IVF Giveaway


You may have heard about infertility clinics offering a free cycle of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) via contests, lotteries and other highly marketed giveaways. Some even promise you can ‘win a baby’ with a free round of IVF. While the thought of getting free treatment may sound alluring, you might want to consider the details […]