For patient Kristen Arniotis, RMA is truly a family affair. From her mother’s treatment to her four children, RMA has helped provided a comforting environment every step of the way.

Patient Janet Maleski describes the level of detail in the care she and her family experienced at RMA of Philadelphia.

Jen & Mike

patient testimonial“Words cannot describe how thankful we are for the physicians, nurses and staff at RMA. After a year of trying to conceive our second child, our OBGYN recommended that we see Dr. Castelbaum at RMA, and we couldn’t have been placed in more knowledgeable, more understanding, more dedicated hands. From the moment we met Dr. Castelbaum, we felt more optimistic about our chances of having another child. His friendly, open-door bedside manner made me feel at ease every step of the way. The nurses and office staff carried that bedside manner throughout the rest of our care at RMA. When you have to go to a doctor’s appointment several times a week, it was always nice to encounter friendly faces who understood and empathized with what you were going through.”

Elinor & Donny Q

patient testimonial elinor“I started treatment at RMA at Jefferson in July 2014, after exploring the options for fertility clinics in the Philadelphia area. RMA stood out in their level of expertise, treatment success rate, and the patience shown by everyone in their office from physicians, nurses, embryologists, and office staff. Dr. Gutmann was my primary RE, and she was great in explaining every treatment and made sure that I was fully informed and actively engaged in our plan to get and stay pregnant (even at an advanced maternal age of 36), after I experienced an early pregnancy loss from a natural conception in December 2013. We tried the Clomid Challenge Test in November 2014 and then IUI in December 2014, however they were not successful. After our first IVF treatment in March 2015, we welcomed Evan into the world this past November. The level of care and empathy everyone at RMA showed during a challenging infertility journey really sets them apart.“

Katie & Cliff H.

patient testimonial katie and cliff“Dr. Freedman and the RMA family helped us have our two beautiful children. After trying to conceive unsuccessfully we went to RMA where we met Dr. Freedman. Testing showed that in order to conceive we would have to try IVF. Faced with the reality of having to do IVF to have children was overwhelming, but Dr. Freedman and the staff at RMA provided guidance, comfort and support for us throughout the process. After seeing the doctors and nurses sometimes daily for multiple weeks, they kind of became like family! Every person there was optimistic that we would achieve our dreams of having children and we had our son in 2010 and our daughter in 2014. They are the most beautiful blessings in our lives. Thank you RMA!”

The Rockenbach Family

patient testimonial the rockenbach family“All of you helped bring us our sweet little miracle but I had the most interaction with Dr. Gutmann. Their kindness and compassion helped get us through some of the tougher moments. I can honestly say that I looked forward to seeing them when I came in and at times it didn’t even feel like I was there for an appointment.”

Junior & Tina

patient testimonial Junior and Tina transgender couple IVFAs a transgender couple, we had some unique fertility needs. Tina is a transwoman and Junior is a transman, and we had both taken hormones as part of our medical transitions. We were interested in conceiving a child using Tina’s sperm and Junior’s eggs, and having Junior carry the baby. After the first fertility clinic we visited turned us away and told us that we would never conceive a biological child, we met with Dr. Jackie Gutmann at RMA. Dr. Gutmann was honest with us about not knowing what our chances were, as it was not clear to what degree our hormones had impacted our fertility, but she was also willing to work with us the way she would have with any other couple with fertility challenges. Throughout the process, Dr. Gutmann as well as the rest of the RMA team were friendly, respectful, and supportive of our decision-making process.

Stephy R. & Family

patient testimonial stephy“We primarily were at the Mechanicsburg office, one of the first handful of successful pregnancies there! We loved all the staff there and we also had involvement with all the doctors who were amazing. Our experience with RMA was awesome and it makes it easier to share our story of infertility with people because we get to rave about how great our journey was with RMA. Thank you for everything you have done!”

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