Why choose RMA?

Why choose RMA of Philadlephia?

We like to say that RMA of Philadelphia is a family that helps to build families. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping our patients along their journey to parenthood. Our proven fertility treatments and patient centered care is why we continue to lead the way with infertility options.

IVF Success rates

Our commitment to innovation and excellence is what keeps us at the forefront of fertility. Our IVF success rates remain above the US average for most age groups.

Single Embryo Transfer

Women can now avoid the health risks that are associated with multiple embryo transfers. New procedures and technology advancementsĀ have made Single Embryo Transfers (SET) possible.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) not only increase implantation rates but also support improved obstetrical outcomes like higher birth weight deliveries and lower risk of premature births.


We take pride in hearing that our patients are satisfied with the care we provide at RMA of Philadelphia. See what they have to say.