IVF Giveaway

You may have heard about infertility clinics offering a free cycle of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) via contests, lotteries and other highly marketed giveaways. Some even promise you can ‘win a baby’ with a free round of IVF. While the thought of getting free treatment may sound alluring, you might want to consider the details that are left out of the commercials, radio and TV ads promoting these types of contests.

There are several important things that should be considered before you make a decision to enter an IVF giveaway. Here is the top of our list:

What is the best treatment for you?

The idea of a free IVF cycle may get your heart racing, but is IVF the right treatment for you and your body? Knowing what fertility treatment is best suited for you can help increase your chance of success and potentially reduce your time in care. At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia, our team of caring fertility doctors will perform comprehensive diagnostic testing to better understand what your fertility prognosis is, and recommend a tailored treatment plan that fits the specific situation. In many cases, patients need minimal intervention and start fertility treatment with Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI, and reach success that way, never having to pursue IVF. It’s important to understand all treatment options available and choose the most suitable care for your body and success.

What is the standard of care at the clinic doing the giveaway?


IVF Raffles

If you are a candidate for IVF, it’s important to receive the treatment at a clinic that practices the latest, most validated standard of care: Single Embryo Transfer (SET). With SET, doctors are now able to transfer just one embryo at a time, maintain high success rates and safer pregnancies. This breakthrough has nearly eliminated the need for double embryo transfer, which often resulted in twins and posed more risk for mother and child. Choosing a fertility clinic that routinely performs SET could give you a better chance at starting your family in the shortest, safest and most effective way possible. You can find out if a clinic routinely performs SET by going to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, which tracks the figures.

Are you aware of all the treatment packages & discount programs available to you?

Entering into a giveaway is not the only way to afford fertility treatment. RMA of Philadelphia offers a number of treatment packages and discount programs to help patients control the costs of fertility treatment. For example, our CareShare program a gives patients up to six IVF cycles for a single package price. If, after all attempts the patient has not had a live birth, the patient gets 100 percent of their money back. And, for those who do not have IVF insurance coverage, RMA of Philadelphia offers a full range of financing options and discount programs through RMAid™. To receive an application for RMAid™ email: Other discount programs that RMA of Philadelphia offers include a 30 percent discount for U.S. military personnel or first responders and spouses.

There is no doubt that dealing with infertility is hard on you and loved ones, and affording the right type of care can be as challenging. An IVF contest can be an intriguing way to get into care, and the decision to enter is a purely personal one. Taking the time to be fully equipped with information is one of the best ways to make the decision.

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