Hope for a PCOS diagnosis

Nearly ten million women worldwide suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), making it one of the leading causes of infertility. With numbers like those, it should be an easily understood diagnosis, but it’s not. Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia’s Dr. William Schlaff provides some insight on PCOS and gives hope to those who have it […]

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Getting to Know Dr. Martin Freedman

Growing up, RMA of Philadelphia’s Dr. Martin Freedman always wanted to be a doctor. A neurosurgeon to be exact. However, it was during medical school, when he spent time working with Dr. Sam Yen, a reproductive endocrinology pioneer based in California, that Dr. Freedman decided that neurosurgery would have to wait. “Being exposed to reproductive […]

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Profiles in Parenthood: Sebastian’s Story

Sebastian wants you to know he is a parent. And it wasn’t an easy road – but one he wouldn’t change for the world. “I want to talk about it,” he said in an interview earlier this summer. “It’s important.” Sebastian wasn’t always this open about his journey to becoming a dad, but after years […]

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40 Years of IVF: A Look Back into the Future

Thirteen minutes before midnight on July 25, 1978, several hundred miles outside of London, a baby girl was born. Her name was Louise Brown, and she was the first person born through IVF. Wednesday is her 40th birthday. Since 1978, about 8 million babies have been born around the world through IVF and other assisted […]

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How to Find the Best Fertility Doctor in Philadelphia

Looking for the best fertility doctor in your area? If you’re in Philadelphia, you’re in luck – Philadelphia Magazine just released its Top Doctor list, and RMA of Philadelphia doctors Dr. Arthur Castelbaum, Dr. Jacqueline Gutmann, Dr. Martin Freedman and Dr. William Schlaff all made the peer-nominated list! Not sure how to find the best fertility […]

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Secondary Infertility Causes, Treatments, & Emotional Effects

You have done this before. You have conceived, carried, and birthed a baby. Perhaps you have never even thought about the process of conception at all. You just got pregnant when you wanted to, or maybe even by accident. Now it’s a year or two later and you want to grow your family again and […]

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Myths About IVF, IUI, and Assisted Reproductive Technology

Despite its increasing public attention, there are still plenty of myths about in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive technology. Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Jacqueline Gutmann explains the reality of these misconceptions. Myth: You will have twins, triplets, or more! Busted!: It is true that fertility treatment increases the risk of having a multiple pregnancy. However, […]

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Fertility Specialists – RMA of Philadelphia Featured on American Health Front News Special

RMA of Philadelphia has recently been featured on the news program American Health Front. American Health Front is a medical program dedicated to educating the public on local health care practices that specialize in cutting edge technology and procedures that are changing lives. Dr. Jacqueline Gutmann explains the various ways assisted reproductive technology (ART) can help […]

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