Affording Care


RMA of Philadelphia believes it is important for patients to understand all aspects of fertility treatment. We encourage everyone to ask questions, learn about infertility and treatment options, and work closely with our doctors so each patient can be informed and make the best possible decisions for his/her family. Because cost can be a deciding factor, our financial coordinators meet with each patient – even before treatment begins – to help explain insurance coverage and benefits, and to answer any questions.

In addition, we partner with specialty pharmacies that provide a full range of infertility medications at competitive pricing.

Treatment Packages and Discount Programs

RMA of Philadelphia offers a number of treatment packages and discount programs to help patients control the costs of fertility treatment.

Our treatment packages include intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles as well as in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles. We offer multi-cycle packages for patients who require IVF. Our financial coordinators can provide information on all of these options and assist in determining the best approach as each patient moves forward in this process.


CareShare – IVF Refund Guarantee Program

Patients who choose the CareShare option may attempt up to six fresh IVF cycles including ICSI, for a flat fee, excluding medication. If, after six fresh IVF cycle attempts, the patient does not take a baby home from the hospital, CareShare guarantees 100% refund. During the application process, the patient must meet specific age and health criteria and be recommended for CareShare by an RMA physician.

The RMA Military and First Responder Discount

military discount at rma of Philadelphia

RMA of Philadelphia offers a 30% discount to any active duty US Military, Reservist, Disabled Veteran, 20-year retired military personnel, or individual who is employed full-time as a First Responder in the fields of law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services and emergency management officials and their spouses. The discount applies to services not covered by insurance: office procedures, IUI cycles, and single IVF cycles. A valid Military or First Responder ID must be presented. The discount does not apply to any service rendered by an outside provider.

We also offer a 5% discount on egg donor packages.


In order to help make fertility treatment affordable for as many people as possible, RMA of Philadelphia offers a discount program for individuals without IVF insurance coverage. Available to patients who meet program criteria. Discounts do not apply to copays, coinsurance, or deductibles for any service covered by your insurance.

Discounts do not apply when services are paid to an outside provider. RMAid™ is not available in conjunction with our CareShare Refund Guarantee Program and excludes third party cycles (cycles involving a donor of any kind or a gestational carrier). You must be a current patient to apply to RMAid.

Apply for RMAid™

Medication Discounts

Compassionate Care Program (EMD Serono)

Developed by EMD Serono, Inc., the Compassionate Care Program provides discounted fertility medications to eligible patients who may not otherwise be able to afford fertility treatment.

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reunite fertility program

ReUnite Assist (ReUnite Rx)

ReUnite Assist is a financial assistance program for patients undergoing fertility treatments. Please complete the application at the link below to determine if you qualify.

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LIVESTRONG Fertility can help you understand your risks and options, learn what questions to ask, and find discounts on fertility services and medications.

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Heart Beat Program (Ferring)

The Heart Beat Program offers patients pursuing fertility preservation services prior to cancer treatment select fertility medications at no cost.

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Insurance and Financing

Insurance Reimbursement

We participate with most insurance carriers and help patients navigate the often confusing benefits process. RMA of Philadelphia is pleased to accept insurance coverage from a number of major carriers and HMOs, including:

Financing Options

If insurance coverage is not available, we offer a full range of financing options to help patients manage the cost of care.

lendingclub fertility financing

Lending Club Patient Solutions

Lending Club Patient Solutions loans include: no initial payment/no payment for three to seven weeks, no interest loan options, fixed rates as low as 3.99%, and no prepayment penalties.

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New Life Fertility Finance

New Life Fertility Finance loans include: loans from $5,000 to $100,000, terms from 24 to 84 months, funds deposited directly into your bank account (available same day), no initial payment, and no prepayment penalties.

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WINFertility Program
The WINFertility Direct-to-Consumer Program offers medical and pharmaceutical assistance for patients who do not have IVF insurance coverage or who have exhausted their benefits and seek options to cover treatment.

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Prosper Healthcare Lending

Prosper Healthcare Lending loans include: immediate decisions for loans under $35,000, term options up to 84 months, no collateral required, and no prepayment penalties.

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For more information on your financial options, please contact us today.